The name comes from the ancient Greek for "rule by the people". A common feature of democracy as currently understood and practiced is competitive elections.

However, throughout history there have been differences in how countries interpret the term democracy. (Representative Democracy, Parliamentary Democracy, Liberal Democracy, Direct Democracy, Social Democracy, Democratic Socialism, Anarchist Democracy, Tribal Democracy, or Consensus democracy) Moreover, each country takes the path to democracy suitable for the county’s own culture and history. Therefore, other governments should not impose their idea about democracy on any country.

Competitive elections are usually seen to require freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and some degree of rule of law. Civilian control of the military is often seen as necessary to prevent military dictatorship and interference with political affairs. However, the world should accept the election results, even if the elected government does not please all interests, especially economical interests.

Whatever kind of democracy is chosen by any country, it should be by the people and for the people and not a privilege for only a few and wealthy. The elected government should serve all citizens of a country and not just the wealthy and powerful ones.


Tell me why?

There are so many questions and no one seems to have the answer.

Why did the US go to war?

Was it really because of Democracy?

Was it because of 9/11?

Was it because the US cared about the Iraqi people?

Was it because Mr. President Bush needed to make history?

Was it because it’s a great way to make more money?