What do you wish for the New Year 2008?

What do you wish for the New Year 2008?

Well, I wish more social justice.

I wish for a more peaceful world.

I wish for a better understanding between all people around the world.

I wish for more tolerance between people around the world.

However, most important I wish that we will have a government again that is honesty. Honesty seems to be a myth of the past. Dishonest has become a normal part of life. Just look at the US president and his administration. Yet, it’s not only the USA who have been lying to its people but also many other governments around the world.

I wish people would care more about their friends and neighbors again, helping the ones in need and accepting each other the way we are and not in a way they want the world to be.


Happy Holidays and Peace

I wish you a Merry Christmas all around the world.

I had hoped for a peaceful Christmas.

No matter where you live and which religious believes you subscribe to, I believe we all should work on a peaceful world. We should love each other despite of our differences in belief, ideology or other divisions.

Respect each other, not just say it but do it.

Don’t amuse yourself and at he same time offend some one else.

Think about how you can be a real friend.

Don’t be scared or suspicious, trust again.

Have a better year in 2008.


Taxpayers have to fit the bill ..

As the Washington Post reported on Tuesday, December 18, 2007; Page A03, “The House last night moved toward approving a $515.7 billion domestic spending bill that shaves billions from the Democrats' hoped-for spending levels but uses emergency spending and other tactics to challenge President Bush on his budget demands.”

A large chunk of the money goes to the Defense Department! Again, taxpayers have to fit the bill for the war hungry Republican government under President J.W. Bush.

The final bill includes $607 million more than Bush requested for disease research, $1 billion more for medical care for the underinsured and uninsured, $146 million more for rural health care, $767 million more for education aid to disadvantaged students and special-needs children, $1.7 billion more for college assistance, $1.2 billion more for state and local law enforcement and $1.8 billion more for homeland security grants.

"While the president's stubborn opposition will deny Americans the full investment they deserve in these priorities, the Democratic budget begins to reverse seven years of neglect and charts a new direction," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said.

What about for example the victims of Hurricane Katrina? Is the FEMA continuing to let Katrina victims knowingly live in hazardous trailers? Is it going the help the poor in New Orleans? Are they forgotten because they are black and poor? Or are they forgotten because money is better spend in a senseless war?

Now citizens of New Orleans have to relay on celebrities like Brad Pitt who is trying to resurrect New Orleans. The actor put his Hollywood career on hold and is doing all he can to help the city recover from Hurricane Katrina because the Republican government under President J.W. Bush does not care.

Pitt has pledged to match up to $5 million in contributions. So far, more than $3.5 million has been raised.


Is there a Bali treaty ?

Why is the U.S. government reluctant to make effective laws that help the Environment?

Why doesn’t the U.S. government listen to people like former Vice President Al Gore
Dita Alangkara/Associated Press
Al Gore addressed the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Bali on Thursday.

who told delegates at the climate conference in Bali in a speech that “My own country, the United States, is principally responsible for obstructing progress here in Bali.”

Is money (economies) more important than our world?

I hope that countries like the United States, Japan and Canada who are opposed to a treaty will change their mind and the EU who wants Bali's final text to agree a non-binding goal of cuts in emissions, mainly from burning fossil fuels, of 25 to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2020 for industrial economies.



The name comes from the ancient Greek for "rule by the people". A common feature of democracy as currently understood and practiced is competitive elections.

However, throughout history there have been differences in how countries interpret the term democracy. (Representative Democracy, Parliamentary Democracy, Liberal Democracy, Direct Democracy, Social Democracy, Democratic Socialism, Anarchist Democracy, Tribal Democracy, or Consensus democracy) Moreover, each country takes the path to democracy suitable for the county’s own culture and history. Therefore, other governments should not impose their idea about democracy on any country.

Competitive elections are usually seen to require freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and some degree of rule of law. Civilian control of the military is often seen as necessary to prevent military dictatorship and interference with political affairs. However, the world should accept the election results, even if the elected government does not please all interests, especially economical interests.

Whatever kind of democracy is chosen by any country, it should be by the people and for the people and not a privilege for only a few and wealthy. The elected government should serve all citizens of a country and not just the wealthy and powerful ones.


Tell me why?

There are so many questions and no one seems to have the answer.

Why did the US go to war?

Was it really because of Democracy?

Was it because of 9/11?

Was it because the US cared about the Iraqi people?

Was it because Mr. President Bush needed to make history?

Was it because it’s a great way to make more money?