Dear Mr. President Bush

Dear Mr. President:

That consumer are struggling with prices that have reached a nationwide average of $3.60 a gallon for gasoline and $4.24 a gallon for diesel has nothing do to with the failure to drill for oil in American’s last untouched National Wildlife Refuge! Instead it has to do with your failed Middle East policies as well as your only concern, the profits of the oil industry! Rather than starting an environmental policy almost 8 years when you had a chance, you decided to boost your ego and veto any bill that would have prepared us for the current challenges.

Instead you decided to boost the profit of the wealthiest and went to war because you had to distract your lack of knowledge on domestic policies. While you were raging a war and scaring the country, most Americans did not realize what you and your clan were doing in Washington. Moreover, you have repeatedly refused to roll back tax breaks for oil companies to pay for tax incentives designed to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Now you propose the expansion of oil production in the United States and claim that it would be an "environmentally safe exploration" to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northeastern Alaska. Do you know the meaning of safe? I am not so sure since you have been using this word much too often and later we, the public, had to realize that your claim of being safe or safer turned out to be the opposite. American is safe? Hurricane Katrina? American Infrastructure? Failure to safeguard imports? Just to name a few things that have shown us that America is not safe!

Stop looking for quick fixes, giving away money and looking good for a short moment.

Listen to the experts and advisers not related to your own often by lobbyists corrupted government. Admit your mistakes and get help from independent sources. Do something good in the last days at the White House!

Lets think about the future, not just about the now and here. The "Bush Republicans" always talk about values, where are their values when it comes to saving our plant earth?


Earth Day

Just last week people around the word celebrated Earth Day!

The term Global Warming has become a fashionable term in our daily life. Industries and Government have picked up on this trend to cash in on it. And there lays already the first problem. Global Warming is not taken seriously. It is still just a great phrase that is being used to make money.

For example, Biodiesel looked like an easy way to appear green or environmental friendly and at the same time make a lot of money. However, as we have noticed just a few days ago, the production of Biodiesel has lead to a food-crisis and social unrest.

As long as governments and industry are not willing to invest with a 100% commitment in fighting Global Warming, not much will change.

Norway has been the only country that has started to take on the problem head-on by changing their Fuel-Network to Hydrogen. Yes, it is a costly project but it will pay off in the long run.

So why don’t we demand from our leaders to start acting?

The Earth's Changing Climate Surface temperatures on Earth are warming at a pace that signals a decisive shift in the global climate.

A new wave of technologies is on the brink of producing energy that's clean, renewable, and most importantly, affordable.

Let’s stop talking and start acting with a Global Effort.

What will you do with all the money if the Earth in going to collapse?

National Geographic is a great source of information about this subject.

Education is very important to understand the urgency of this situation!


Olympic Flame: Shining a Light on China?

Although I did not want to comment on the China vs. Tibet subject, I think it's time that people need to start to think outside the box.

Over last weeks the media has been reporting that the China's suppression of protests in Tibet has unleashed a storm of outrage worldwide.

Now, we have to ask first why these problems exist. We have to remember that these problems were created by the old Mao Zedong government during the Cultural Revolution.

Although, the People's Republic of China is still governed by a authoritarian, communist, and socialist government, things have started to change. Both President is Hu Jintao and its premier is Wen Jiabao have initiated policies to address these issues of equitable distribution of resources. For much of China's population, living standards have seen extremely large improvements, and freedom continues to expand.

We also have the notice that these problems have been on the agenda of the new government for some time now. Nonetheless, the west sees these changes as too small and too slow. In other words, conditions such as Tibet will change but not in the speed expected by the west or the Tibetan people.

By talking to people in China I found out that the People's Republic of China is mostly concerned that China will follow the path of countries such as Russia.

What happened in Russia? The country fell apart into small but now often poor countries after democracy was introduced. Most countries are now free of Russia but are weaker and often worse off of than before. To avoid such destruction, the Chinese government rules with an iron hand.

Moreover most Chinese will tell you that their life has improved over the last years.

So, one should ask oneself shouldn’t we us the Olympic Games as an opportunity to build bridges and help the country to move forward to a better country with the people for the people.

Even the spiritual leader of Tibet the Dalai Lama wants a meaningful dialogue with the Chinese leadership to exercise wisdom. Although the Chinese Government accuses the Dalai Lama of instigating the riots, the Dalai Lama said he does not wish to drive a wedge between the Tibetan and Chinese peoples. On the contrary, the Dalai Lama has always been committed to find a genuine solution to the problem of Tibet that ensures the long-term interests of both Chinese and Tibetans. His primary concern is to ensure the survival of the Tibetan people’s distinctive culture, language and identity. As a simple monk he strives to live his daily life according to Buddhist precepts.

On Sunday Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said to the Xinhua News Agency, "The channels for dialogue between the Chinese government and Dalai Lama is always open as long as the Dalai Lama abandons the claim for 'Tibet independence'."

The west needs to stop imposing their beliefs on other countries.

Sure, there are problems in China. Which country does not have problem. We need to give the government time to change. Change in China takes even more time than we in the west are used to.

Let's learn more about China before we shout "foul".

Turning Points on the Road to Denver?

I am not surprised by media coverage suggesting that Sen. Clinton could pull this out without destroying the party. Why? Because it's in the interest of the old establishment. Sen. Obama is a threat to the way politician haven been running Washington for the last 200 + years. "Big Money"!

Just look at the article in the New York time about the an converted Richard Mellon Scaife of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, who by the way owns this paper, and is also the billionaire heir to the Mellon banking fortune. He said that that the senator “exhibited an impressive command of many of today’s most pressing domestic and international issues.” Her answers, he added, “were thoughtful, well-stated and often dead on.” - "Big Money" talks!

Well, now there is some one (Sen. Barack Obama )who seems to challenge this tradition. Consequently, Sen. Clinton has been getting all the support and coverage she can get from the media ("Big Money"). She needs to win for "Big Money". And as it has been in the past, who has the power to override even verdicts from the supreme courts (Lewis Libby pardon) "Big Money" does. So do you think it will be any different this time around if Sen. Clinton or Sen. Mc Cain would be elected?

Michigan and Florida is an other good example for how some people are trying to give Sen. Clinton an advantage.

Sop using Sen. Obama's middle name to scare people. Haven't we had enough of this old scare tactic of the Bush government for the last 7 + years?

Let's have a dialogue, not just a fight! We are no children anymore. We should be able to solve problems with dialogue not with muscles.

Why do we still talk about the Rev. Wright. I believe in the separation of State and Church!

Popular vote? Are all the votes for Sen. Clinton really votes of Democrats ? Or are some Republicans voting for Sen. Clinton so the battle goes on and at the end Sen. Mc Cain wins in November? Then we really will continue with the same "Big Money" in Washington.

It's not just about Sen. Obama vs. Sen. Clinton!

It's about a new era in Washington.

We need change!!