Turning Points on the Road to Denver?

I am not surprised by media coverage suggesting that Sen. Clinton could pull this out without destroying the party. Why? Because it's in the interest of the old establishment. Sen. Obama is a threat to the way politician haven been running Washington for the last 200 + years. "Big Money"!

Just look at the article in the New York time about the an converted Richard Mellon Scaife of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, who by the way owns this paper, and is also the billionaire heir to the Mellon banking fortune. He said that that the senator “exhibited an impressive command of many of today’s most pressing domestic and international issues.” Her answers, he added, “were thoughtful, well-stated and often dead on.” - "Big Money" talks!

Well, now there is some one (Sen. Barack Obama )who seems to challenge this tradition. Consequently, Sen. Clinton has been getting all the support and coverage she can get from the media ("Big Money"). She needs to win for "Big Money". And as it has been in the past, who has the power to override even verdicts from the supreme courts (Lewis Libby pardon) "Big Money" does. So do you think it will be any different this time around if Sen. Clinton or Sen. Mc Cain would be elected?

Michigan and Florida is an other good example for how some people are trying to give Sen. Clinton an advantage.

Sop using Sen. Obama's middle name to scare people. Haven't we had enough of this old scare tactic of the Bush government for the last 7 + years?

Let's have a dialogue, not just a fight! We are no children anymore. We should be able to solve problems with dialogue not with muscles.

Why do we still talk about the Rev. Wright. I believe in the separation of State and Church!

Popular vote? Are all the votes for Sen. Clinton really votes of Democrats ? Or are some Republicans voting for Sen. Clinton so the battle goes on and at the end Sen. Mc Cain wins in November? Then we really will continue with the same "Big Money" in Washington.

It's not just about Sen. Obama vs. Sen. Clinton!

It's about a new era in Washington.

We need change!!

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