Dear Mr. President Bush

Dear Mr. President:

That consumer are struggling with prices that have reached a nationwide average of $3.60 a gallon for gasoline and $4.24 a gallon for diesel has nothing do to with the failure to drill for oil in American’s last untouched National Wildlife Refuge! Instead it has to do with your failed Middle East policies as well as your only concern, the profits of the oil industry! Rather than starting an environmental policy almost 8 years when you had a chance, you decided to boost your ego and veto any bill that would have prepared us for the current challenges.

Instead you decided to boost the profit of the wealthiest and went to war because you had to distract your lack of knowledge on domestic policies. While you were raging a war and scaring the country, most Americans did not realize what you and your clan were doing in Washington. Moreover, you have repeatedly refused to roll back tax breaks for oil companies to pay for tax incentives designed to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Now you propose the expansion of oil production in the United States and claim that it would be an "environmentally safe exploration" to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northeastern Alaska. Do you know the meaning of safe? I am not so sure since you have been using this word much too often and later we, the public, had to realize that your claim of being safe or safer turned out to be the opposite. American is safe? Hurricane Katrina? American Infrastructure? Failure to safeguard imports? Just to name a few things that have shown us that America is not safe!

Stop looking for quick fixes, giving away money and looking good for a short moment.

Listen to the experts and advisers not related to your own often by lobbyists corrupted government. Admit your mistakes and get help from independent sources. Do something good in the last days at the White House!

Lets think about the future, not just about the now and here. The "Bush Republicans" always talk about values, where are their values when it comes to saving our plant earth?

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