Congratulation Mr. President Obama!

Congratulation Mr. President Obama!

Winning a second term gives the U.S. a new opportunity but at the same time President Obama the responsibility to really move the country forward.

Besides dealing with the looming Fiscal Cliff, President Obama need to attempt to change our voting system.
 The United States needs to finally move into the 20th century and adopted a popular voting system where every votes counts and where smaller parties have a chance to shape the political landscape.
Holding on to an old system where the Electoral College elects the president benefits only the two major parties and with that the strong dictatorial influence of corporations and lobbyists. It does, however,  not represents a true Democracy in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives.

Moreover, Mr. President Obama you need to instruct the justice department to at once to investigate all poll problems that have been reported during this past election. It is, in my opinion, appalling that the image of the United States of America has been tarnished through these kind of unfair tactics and possible vote rigging.

This past election has cost more than $6 billion!

We could have used this money more wisely to assist the ever growing number of poor people around the country. Or build new schools in under served districts. Or hired new teachers to educate new voter in a way that they are able to make a real informed decision during an election, and not just follow false and deceiving adds.

Furthermore, I call on the GOP lead congress to stop blocking all attempts of the governing party to decrease the 16 trillion dollar  deficit, only to benefit its own ideology and to cater to the richest of the county.

It’s time for our representatives to grow up and get to work.
You are not paid handsomely with our taxes to continue to block any sensible progress.

If you can’t do your job, you need to be fired!

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