Let’s put an end to this nonsense

Reading all those essays and opinions about how the gap grows between rich and poor increases the chances for violent conflicts, I wonder why so many people in the United States are rooting for Presidential candidates such as Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or Hillary Clinton. All these candidates in this year’s election are trying to gain support for  growing this gap between rich and poor even bigger, as they have done in the past. 

The rhetoric right now totally distracts from the issue most critical in this world, which is how to lessen this gap between rich and poor. How to avoid chaos in our society, not only in the United States but all around the world. 

Burnie Sanders appears to be only candidate who is trying to do at least something about this gap between rich and poor. Yet, people are more scared of change than of violent conflicts.

Nevertheless, money is, as it has before, the dominate factor in the U.S. Election cycle.
Let’s put an end to this nonsense and do something about the growing gap between rich and poor, and at the same time decreases the chances for more violent conflicts!

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