Bush Unveils $3 Trillion Budget Proposal

President Bush unveiled a "tough-minded", $3 trillion (1 followed by 12 zeros: one million, million; 1012; written as 1 followed by 12 zeros =>1,000,000,000,000 US dollars) budget proposal for fiscal 2009 that would slice (cut) $14.2 billion from the growth of federal health-care programs, eliminate scores of programs and virtually freeze domestic spending -- but would still record a $407 billion budget deficit.

Among the programs Bush would eliminate are commodity price supports for farmers, research assistance to manufacturers, career and technical education grants, weatherization assistance, community development grants, graduate medical education at children's hospitals and a public housing revitalization program that the House just overwhelmingly reauthorized. (Well, is there anything left? Hey, why don't we cut the salary of the Republican Party? We could save a lot more there !)

As Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) noted in a statement, "The President proposes more of the same failed fiscal policies he has embraced throughout his time in office -- more deficit-financed war spending, more deficit-financed tax cuts tilted to benefit the wealthiest, and more borrowing from foreign nations like China and Japan. The result can only be the same -- a further explosion of debt and the undermining of our nation's economic security."

Oh help us god!
Where are we going to wind up if the government is continuing to spend our taxes and on top of it gives more to the wealthiest as well?

Please don’t elect another president who claims to have experience and the racks the budget to feed the wealthiest and takes it from the ones who need it most!

What about the ones who have worked all their life, paid taxes and social securities?
Are they going to get anything back?
I guess they are old now. They have done their duty and forget about them. Or maybe we deal with them like with an old horse and shoot them. Then there is not one who complains any more.

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