Do the American really have the interests of Taiwan in mind or only their own interest?

In a report published on Sunday, February 24, 2008 by P. Parameswaran, AFP, it was stated that the successor of U.S. President George W. Bush “should move to beef up Taiwan's military and forge a bilateral free trade pact as part of a common agenda to mend souring tie.”

Moreover it was warned that “the current "broken dialogue" between the United States and Taiwan "increases the likelihood that what is now a dangerous situation will develop into an even more dangerous crisis.”

One should question here the interests of such a report. Do these “American experts” really have the interests of Taiwan in mind or only their own interest? I would suggest to be Vigilant and highly critical of such reports since Taiwan has been under the control of the USA for too long.

In my opinion, the United States of America is only supporting Taiwan because Taiwan is a strategic asset to the US-Military Strategy in this region. Moreover, the US weapon industry is interested in maintaining the“dangerous crisis” with China, so that the US weapon industry is able to sell more weapons to Taiwan. That's why” the State Department and Pentagon chiefs to announce[d] a new "common agenda" with Taiwan to boost the island's military capability, including anti-submarine warfare as well as air and missile defense.”

Why don’t we let Taiwan sort out their difference with China without the interference of the United States of America? I am sure that Taiwan is capable of making its own decisions and resolve any differences with China.

We should not tell Taiwan what is good or bad for them.
Taiwanese people are capable of deciding their own destiny.

Who says that an independent Taiwan would be happier and more prosperous than it is now? China and Taiwan are separated by a strait but they have more in common that the USA wants to admit. The United States is concerned over China's military buildup and wants to retain Taiwan as it's buffer. And Taiwan may be crushed between there two rivals.

Stop claiming that "Taiwan remains a potential international flash point for a great power war."

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