Court Backs Lawsuits on Retaliation for Bias Allegations

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday, May 27, 2008 in an article written by William Branigin about the Supreme Court rulings in two federal anti-discrimination statutes allowing lawsuits on claims of retaliation, siding with workers who pursued grievances in separate cases that stemmed from allegations of racial and age bias.

Although these decisions are only a small step in the call for justice, “Today's decisions”, as the president Kathryn Kolbert of the liberal People for the American Way Foundation puts it. “Do not erase the recent trend we have seen on the Supreme Court toward interpreting fundamental rights in narrow and cramped ways that favor the powerful over the powerless and giant corporations and the government over individual Americans.” These decisions give hope to those who are struggling to have their voices heard.

It is important that these voices are been heard as there are still those who seem to doubt the fact that our politicians favor the powerful over the powerless and giant corporations over individual Americans, and not provide all citizens with a real and equal opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty.

At least I see hope that things may change in time.

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