The racial problem...

I am saddened to see that America has still not overcome the racial problem!

When are we going to settle this problem?Are we ever willing to overcome this hate between Black and White, Hispanic and Black?

As long our politicians are not providing our citizens with a real and equal opportunity to lift these who are stricken by poverty out of poverty, this hatred will continue.

It isn’t about the hate between Black and White, Hispanic and Black!

It’s not race but an economical problem. As long as most white people get better opportunities to become wealthy and as long as other groups are pushed out, we will continue to face such kind of hatred in our society.

It’s not about illegal or illegal immigration but about the competition for jobs. It’s about survival. And as long are laws enacted in Washington that favor white folks, we will have racial tensions in this country.

Now there is a chance to show the world that America is able to change, at least at the top level. If Obama would be elected to become the president of the United States of America, minorities would feel encouraged to strive for a better life, knowing that it is possible if you try. If Obama is not elected , most struggling people will think, why should we continue to struggle? We are always going to be pushed back to the bottom of our society. The rich, white man does no not want us become successful. And then Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. was right in his hate filled speeches.

Let’s show the world that Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. was wrong and let's elect Sen. Barack Obama as the first African American President of the United States of America!


jakejacobsen said...

Can you specify these "laws favoring white people" for me?

TP said...

Did I say that "laws favoring white people"? No I did not. I just implied that white folks continue to have an advantage because they are white. There are always exceptions but in general it has gotten worse during the last years.

jakejacobsen said...

Actually you did, to quote you...

"And as long are laws enacted in Washington that favor white folks,"

So yeah, that was exactly what you said. So the real question is why you are backing off the exact thing you yourself wrote? Does it strike you as silly now that you've been called on it?

So let me ask again, can you point to specific examples of these "laws favoring white people?" Or were you just making stuff up off the top of your head?

TP said...

It seems like you disagree with the perception that people of different races are treated differently. I at least believe that people of different races are treated differently. If for example a hurricane like Katrina would have happened in California, people there would not live in such conditions anymore. Why, because California is wealthy state while Louisiana is a poor state and the majority of their residents are none white.
That said, yes what I write here is my opinion (“stuff up off the top”), the thoughts and ideas I get when I see what’s going in this world.

jakejacobsen said...

And yet you still haven't answered my question. You made a declarative statement and now are weaseling out of it. Can you please direct my attention to "laws that favor white people?"

Please, I don't understand what is so difficult about this, either there are such laws or you are a liar, which is it?

And as to Katrina? Um, you think New Orleans is a poor city? Uh-huh, and that would be based on what exactly? Your precious feelings? No, New Orleans was a corrupt city run by crooks that didn't do the things it was supposed to do for its residents, but you go right on believing that any aspect of it was racial, sure chief, sure. I suppose if that's what it takes to get you through the night but I happen to think that's pretty sad.

Much like your "hero" Obama, who hails from the utterly corrupt borough of Chicago, I know a little something about him because I live in Chicago, but you go right on believing that he is just filled with changy-hopefulness! Because I take great delight in watching naive idjits get their comeuppance.

But let's return to the point, would you please either retract your statement about laws favoring white people or provide me with some links to the same?