Never before I have I seen so much animosity and negativity

Never before I have I seen so much animosity toward a sitting president as I am seeing now from the right during this election cycle.

 Never before I have I seen so much negativity expressed and repeated in the media as right now toward a sitting president.
 Not even against former President J.W. Busch who has been responsible for thousands of American deaths in Iraq in a wrongful war.
The right has been claiming that the left is dividing the country, when the right is doing exactly that.  Not only are they spreading falls information but also demonizing people who do not adhere to their conservative doctrines.
 On the one hand the right is pointing to the radicalization of Muslims but on the other hand their view has moved more and more radical during the recent decade. Anything that does not agree with their philosophy is evil and need to be eradicated. This kind of rhetoric has divided not only the country but also inspired shooters to arm themselves and take action to defend this radical thinking. If you do not believe my assertion, just watch Fox-News for a few hours.
Although President Obama has not been able to accomplish what he had promised, he has at least tried very hard, despite a from the Bush area inherited economic disaster, to improve the lives of anybody in the United States as well as around the world. At least President Obama has shown that he honestly cares about those who are less fortunate, despite a congress that has been doing anything to make his life as President miserable.  
Mitt Romney says he has “one overwhelming conviction and passion.” It is that the 21st century “must be an American Century.” He does not seem to understand that the years of J.W. Bush are over and that the world has been changing with new emerging powers like China and India.  America cannot allow itself to continue on such arrogant path. It has to become a strong but humble partner within the global community.  
During this election cycle, one must ask oneself, why is the Republican Party continuing to establish a reputation for putting short-term political gain and fundamentalism ahead of democratic rights?

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