Why do I prefer President Barak Obama?

Well, I think President Barak Obama is the better choice because he has proven over and over again that he is not just a good  rhetorician but really cares about people, regardless of color, sex, heritage,wealth, income or sexual orientation.

I have to ask myself, do I want to have a man who says that only a good businessman, such as a CEO of a company, can also be a good President for the country, as Governor Mitt Romney does.
 Someone who needs to hide his tax returns so that no one ever finds out how wealthy he really is.
 Someone who agrees with Donald Trump who wants children from poor families (especially welfare recipients) work and serve the rich at schools and Universities, so that we don’t get the feeling that they (children from poor families or families on welfare ) get a free ride. At the same time, these measures would teach them where their place in our society is
 Someone who wants to get rid of any kind of birth control or other women rights and at the same time force everyone else to follow his religious believes. 
Someone who wants health to be a privilege of the wealthy since regular and poor people cannot afford the ever rising insurance premiums. He opposes the attempt made by President Barak Obama to make healthcare affordable to every American not just the wealthiest. 
Someone who has changed his policy positions, he has advocated as Governor of Massachusetts, because they do not please the ultra conservatives of the Republican Party

No, I rather have someone like President Barak Obama who is
 a President of all people!

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