Does anyone have a grip on who Romney is? (Video/Transcript)

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Let me finish tonight with what Susan Eisenhower just asked: Do you—does anyone?—have a grip on who Mitt Romney is? 


Is he the moderate, pro-choice candidate for governor of Massachusetts, the guy who gave us the model for Obamacare?

Or is he the right-wing guy who hangs with the hawks, talks cozily of war, signs on with Grover Norquist, joins with the religious right?

Is he Dr. Jekyll?  Or Mr. Hyde?
Or is he both?Or neither?

 Jack Kennedy once said he felt sorry for his rival Richard Nixon because he “doesn’t know who he is and at each stop has to decide which Nixon he is at the moment.”

 Want to hear a worse case?

Do you really think that this guy who will service the right-wing so sweetly will suddenly have the force of will to betray it? Have you seen a single case when Romney’s broken free from the mob that’s brought him this far? A single “Sister Soulja” moment when he’s said to the Trumps, the Sununus, the “birthers” and Norquists and Neo-Cons, “No, this time you ask too much.”

 No. All the evidence is that Romney will remain Romney—pliable, bendable, usable to the same crowd that took Dubya, used him, and dumped him in history’s hamper.

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