Israel is not interested in peace in the Middle East

The government of Israel has approved the construction of hundreds of homes in a West Bank settlement north of Jerusalem. This move will probably further block any peace effort already hobbled by violence.

This decision was made after the religious Shas Party, a right-leaning coalition partner of the Ehud Olmert government, had threatened to quit the Olmert government. The religious Shas Party had demanded an official go-ahead for the construction in Giv'at Ze'ev, seeing it as a crucial test of government intentions.

This move shows again that Israel is not interested in peace in the Middle East. Instead Israel is doing everything to keep the conflict flaming.

I believe that as long as the international community is unwilling to show resolve in respect to Israel’s actions, terrorist attacks will continue around the world. If the politicians in the world are more interested in business with Israel than in peace, then we shouldn't be surprised about further inflaming the radicals in this world.

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